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Navigators deliver the majority of one-to-one support to Moving On Tyne & Wear’s participants in order to help them overcome their health barriers and, ultimately, get closer to work.

As the name suggests, a Navigator will help participants navigate the route to get to where they want to be. They will help their participants work out a plan of action and achieve it. Throughout a participant’s time with Moving On Tyne & Wear, their Navigator will be there every step of the way.

What every participant gets from their Navigator

Personal support and advice on a one-to-one basis

Friendly conversations, regular meetings, goal setting, and advice tailored to each person’s needs are part of a Navigator’s day-to-day. Although Moving On Tyne & Wear is here to help people get closer to work, we start by helping participants address their personal circumstances, health barriers, and other concerns.


Navigators have a vast knowledge of their local area. Whether a person needs support with their health and wellbeing or to access classes and training which will help them get closer to work, Navigators specialise in knowing what’s out there.

Job skills

Whether it’s advice with a CV or improving rusty interview skills, our Navigators are employability specialists. They have an understanding of what employers are looking for and can prepare their participants on a one-to-one basis. Sometimes, it’s just about developing confidence. Our Navigators are there to help people do just that.




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