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Peer Support Project (Newcastle)

About the Peer Support Project

Have you thought about using your experiences to support and encourage others? Do you already do this? Would you be interested in helping us design a training and support package to help organisations set up their own peer support programme?

If so, our Peer Support Project could be for you.

Who we work with

This three-year innovation project is being delivered as part of Moving On Tyne & Wear (MOTW), and is open to anyone who is supported by MOTW.

As giving the project the benefit of your experience and ideas, your involvement would add to the skills and experience on your CV and could help you to secure a volunteer or peer mentor role.

If you would like to get involved, you can ask your Navigator to refer you or contact us directly.

How we will work together

The Peer Support Project is supported by Mental Health Concern, Ways to Wellness, and Newcastle United Foundation.

In our organisations we all have experience of the benefits of peer support.

What the final toolkit looks like, and how we produce it, will be shaped by the people taking part.

The most important part of this project is that it is led by people who have an interest in peer support and want to shape the opportunities available.

Your involvement in the project will depend upon what you want from the programme and how this fits in with your longer-term goals.

What we offer

In year one, we are gathering ideas which we will use to produce a peer support toolkit.

We will think about the ways in which peer support could be used by other organisations, and about the training and ongoing support people in a peer support role would need. You will have the opportunity to attend all of the training.

In year two, we will test out the toolkit by training people to become peer mentors. For those who wish, there will be training and support to become facilitators on the training programme.

In year three, we will have refined the toolkit and will promote this with organisations outside of MOTW, as well as running training programmes for peer mentors.

We are currently embarking on year three of this innovation project and are keen to involve even more participants in the peer support training we’re running. To find out more, get in touch today.

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