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Our team across the community

Our staff have been busy since the start of the new year. At South Tyneside, we think it’s crucial to be visible to the people in our area.

Monday 21st January is also known as ‘Blue Monday’. Dubbed as the most depressing day of the year, Change for Life hosted a health and wellbeing event at Cleadon Park Primary Care Centre. Our Navigator, James, attended and spoke to lots of lovely folk who popped by!

On Wednesday 30th January, the team attended Jobcentre Plus’ new year event to speak to people who could be looking for support from a service like ours.

The staff and public were able to meet some of the staff; Mark Blyth (Peer Mentor Coordinator) and Julie Wilson (Navigator) and were able to ask direct questions about the service.

Julie explained the role of the Navigator and the things we hoped to achieve with participants referred for the Jobcentre whilst Mark explained peer mentoring for the over 50’s as well as the outcomes they have achieved.


MOTW’s Social Enterprise project launching in South Tyneside

Poster describing NEST activities

Find out everything you need to know about NEST here.

New activities in South Tyneside

July Update

New Staff

Jen is our social enterprise co-ordinator who is looking into helping our participants set up their own businesses and group community interests.
Sue is our Autism and LLDD (learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities) specialist, Sue works in partnership with NEAS (North East Autism Society) to provide support to our region.

Over 50’s Brain Gym

Last week saw the start of the ‘Brain Gym’ – this is a group for our over 50’s participants.
The aim of the group is to develop a service for people over 50’s to exercise their brains and to keep them active, this will be achieved through the participants actively planning a range of actives that will support their mental health and wellbeing as well as the opportunity to access bespoke accredited training.

Participants getting involved in the Innovation Project's brain gym


Gym Buddies

Another one of our over 50’s groups is the Gym Buddies, it provides a relaxed, friendly and supportive gym session for participants who would like to get back into some physical activity.
We have participants with numerous physical health issues such as COPD, heart disease, arthritis and nerve damage and participants who have mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and bi-polar who thought that they wouldn’t be able to go to the gym, doing really well and achieving amazing results.

A new member of the group gave his feedback:

‘I was depressed, nervous, and anxious and didn’t know what to expect as I hadn’t been around strangers.’ ‘I feel inspired and feel I have a focus on what I need to do, I have met very positive people and feel like part of a team.’

Gym Buddy In Action

Joining forces with Veterans Response Service

The South Tyneside team took part in supporting Veterans Response Service in Sunderland on the 1st July 20018.

The event was connected to the Arm Forces Day which was to raise awareness of those that have served in the armed forces and the battle they face once they have left. MOTW joined forces with Veterans Support to raise the profile and to capture anyone that needed support.

Mark Blyth helped run the tombola for the veteran’s to raise money for the charity and to promote MOTW along with the support they can offer to people leaving the armed services. This would include gaining further education, training, and employment.

Ian Driver, Director of Veterans Response, was very grateful for the support and showed his appreciation towards MOTW by recommending the service to future clients using his service.


South Tyneside Parade

As the sunshine hit and the South Tyneside summer festival began Moving on Tyne and Wear were there to show our support for the community and the residents of South Tyneside.
The theme of this year’s festival was Monsters Myths and Magic and we went as characters from Harry Potter.

The team holding up a MOTW banner at the parade

Left to right – Mark – Mad-Eye Moody, Olive – Professor Trelawney, Sally – Luna Lovegood, Emma – Rita Skeeter, Trevor Ford, Gail – Deloris Umbridge, one elf and Harry Potter at the front.

We had participants in the parade, one marched with us, one marched with another organisation that they were involved with but they both said that if it had not been for the involvement with Moving On Tyne & Wear and the Gym Buddies class they would not have had the confidence or fitness level to do the parade.

Gym Buddies at the parade

Gym Buddies Karen and Trevor

The Parade was a great success and especially for our participants as it has shown that there are no barriers to what you can achieve, Karen explained that 6 months ago she was sitting in her pyjamas every day where as now she is involved in life again and proving that she can do anything she wants as long as she believes in herself.

Trevor said that he has lived in the area for 13 years and this is the first time he has been to the beach, that he was doing things that he would never have before he started the programme as he is now a peer mentor, part of the Gym Buddies and Brain Gym and currently training towards a recognised qualification.

MOTW team at the parade

Thank you for all of the support that we received whilst marching, we hope to see you all next year, and if you want to be involved come and join us.

Meet the team

Hello and welcome to the South Tyneside team page. Keep up with what’s going on in our area on this page.


Gail Brook – Senior Navigator

Alan Wilson – Navigator

Sally Carter – Navigator

Emma Dawson – Administrator

Mark Blyth – Peer Mentor Coordinator

Jen Feckie – Social Entreprise Coordinator

Olive Diamond – Support Worker

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