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Your past doesn’t dictate your future…

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Sam had already gone through an incredible journey before joining MOTW.  She’d battled her addictions and was abstinent of alcohol, yet she didn’t believe she could get her life back on track and find work due to her criminal record.  Her confidence was at rock bottom and she found herself depressed and unsure where to turn…

“I felt as though I was sitting at home not even living, just existing”

Before MOTW could help Sam on her path towards employment, we knew we had to spend time focusing on her self-care and self-awareness.  This had to be the first step, as Sam needed to believe in herself and her abilities and recognise she was worthy of living a happy life.  We enrolled her onto a couple of specialised courses and over time she started to believe in herself.  The courses gave her an excuse to get out of the house and gave her something meaningful to occupy her time.  She met new people, struck up friendships and her confidence began to flourish.

After time, the subject of finding employment could be raised, and in one of Sam’s one-to-one sessions with her Navigator she explained that she had always wanted to work in care.  This was her ultimate goal, but she didn’t believe it could happen as a result of her conviction so assumed she would have to settle for another type of employment instead.  Her Navigator didn’t give up so easily and spent time researching her conviction, discovering that because it was spent it therefore would not affect her chances of getting any job.  This was just the boost Sam needed, all of a sudden her ideal job was reachable!

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Sam left the MOTW programme shortly after, fully prepared and confident she was on the right path.  She has since completed a Level 1 Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care and is currently undertaking a Level 2 Diploma in Care.

No longer ‘just existing’ Sam is unrecognisable to the person that she was when we first met her.  She has real confidence, self-belief and a determination to keep going and achieve her dreams

“I’m on training course which is something I never thought I’d do, and I’m sticking it out and I’m doing it for myself.  The MOTW service really helped me, and I hope it helps other people too”

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