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When Malcolm joined Moving On Tyne & Wear he had been unemployed for four months and was very depressed and isolated.  He had no qualifications from school and needed a career change due to his health conditions but didn’t know where to start or where to turn.

Initially we referred Malcolm to Uplift for a wellbeing course to boost his confidence, and this helped him immensely. Together with his Navigator Mandy, they decided that Malcolm should look to complete a qualification in health and social care as this was the field he was most interested in.  Due to the lockdown, the only courses that were being ran were being held remotely but Malcolm didn’t feel confident or competent enough to take this challenge on.

Before we could determine next steps Malcolm contracted coronavirus and was very ill for some time.  His training took a back seat as he focused on getting better and recovering both mentally and physically from the virus.  After time he felt ready to continue his journey and was able to complete a course with Pallion Action Group and was successful in getting a job as a caretaker in a care home.  We were all delighted, however not long after he received the offer Malcolm had a serious accident and ended up in hospital.

He had to have major surgery and several rods and pins placed in his back, it was a worrying time for us all but his strength of character and determination meant he survived.

The accident, the surgery, and the difficult recovery process made it impossible for him to return home to his upstairs flat and he was forced to move in with his brother for a while.  It also made it impossible for him to accept his new position as a caretaker.  As you could imagine, the whole episode was devastating to Malcolm, his mental health suffered, and he hit an all-time low.

Mandy visited him just before Christmas and dropped off a food parcel and some activity packs to keep his spirits up as he was unable to get out and about.  She referred him to Sharp Advice Centre to apply for PIP and contacted Gentoo to help him move into more suitable accommodation.  At the moment, Malcolm still isn’t in a position to return to work as he is not healing as well or as quickly as expected following the operation, however we continue to support him with his health and he is now in receipt of PIP which has been a huge financial relief.  Mandy also managed to help secure him a bungalow, and Malcolm is in the process of decorating this with the help of his brother.  Malcolm hasn’t given up on the idea of working, and his progress is so impressive we’ve just signed him up to complete some training!  He’s completing the Mental Health First Aid Course through the Wellbeing Centre, and is enjoying it immensely.

We’ll continue to work with Malcolm and support him throughout his recovery period and when he’s ready to take the next step, we’ll still be here to help him get back on his feet and find a new employment opportunity that’s right for him.

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