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This is David’s story…

“I moved to Newcastle in September 2019 and contacted Moving On Tyne & Wear in March the following year. I felt like my autism was preventing me from finding a job as I had been unemployed for over a year since I had left University.  I was concerned I was aiming too high with my job searching, did I need to lower my expectations?  Was my experience enough? Were my cover letter and CV ok? Where was I going wrong?

I discussed all of this with my Navigator and Job Coach and they helped me to expand on the range of jobs I would consider, showing me that I didn’t need to only focus on Customer Service and Warehouse work.  They pointed me in the direction of roles that complimented the skills I had learned from University and taught me how to tailor my CV and cover letter to each position I found (making some great improvements along the way!)  It was a real eye opener for me, and I started to believe I was worthy of a great position, and nothing should or could hold me back.

It wasn’t long before I landed my first interview, and then the anxiety kicked in!  But Moving On Tyne & Wear were brilliant.  They organised some mock interviews which was great as the employers actually asked the same questions!! I went into the interview feeling prepared and confident, which would have never happened had it not been for Cailin, Kayle and Thomas, and it paid off – as I got the job!!!


I am now a lab assistant with the NHS and I’m so proud that my first proper job is working for such a fantastic institution.  It’s fair to say my confidence and self-worth have massively improved, and I can’t thank the guys at Moving On Tyne & Wear enough.  They’ve changed my life, and I know they could do the same for you too!

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