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The benefits of work placements

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Not all our participants like to be named, and we respect their privacy.  This particular story is about a participant of ours who would like to remain anonymous (we’ll call him C), but he still wanted to share his journey to help inspire others to come to us for help.

C’s confidence in the workplace was at rock bottom. He didn’t feel he could add value, didn’t believe he could make friends, be part of a team or complete work to a high enough standard.  So, before we could help him update his CV or support him as he looked for jobs, we needed to address his confidence issues and work on instilling some self-belief.

C thought he wanted to work in a small store-based warehouse or stockroom as he didn’t have the confidence or inclination to work in a bigger, busier, daunting warehouse environment where he might be required to have a Forklift licence.  C is a very nervous driver and didn’t want that pressure and stress at work as it would make him too nervous.

Prior to coming to Moving On Tyne & Wear C had enjoyed a short placement at a local B&M, where he worked within their warehouse.  He’d received lots of additional support from one of the managers there and remembered the experience fondly.  The manager in question, a lady named Jayne, had given him a great deal of attention and help, and as a result, C felt comfortable, confident and valued in the workplace.

C was keen to do more work experience and placements to help him regain those feelings of confidence again, however he wanted assurance that he would receive the same level of support as he did from Jayne at B&M.  Due to the nature of work C was looking for, the positive experience he had already had, and the location of the store in relation to his home address it made sense for us to enquire whether he could return for another work placement.

Jayne was delighted that C wanted to return, and eagerly agreed to him joining them for another placement.  This time he was given a 4-week placement and Moving On Tyne & Wear were able to fund C’s travel expenses throughout the duration of the placement to help C attend without putting himself under any financial strain and worry.

When the placement was over C received excellent feedback from Jayne and the rest of the staff, and his confidence was sky high.  C now realises that he can be valued in the workplace, he can work well in a team and that working in a warehouse environment is what he wants to do.  We can now work with C to tailor his CV (the work placement and feedback are excellent additions to this!) and help him find a similar job.  To make sure his confidence doesn’t droop now the placement has ended we’ve arranged for him to take the Time for Change course from Uplift which will help keep his confidence levels high whilst he’s looking for his new position.  We’re not in any doubt that he’ll soon be employed, and not only enjoy his new position but feel valued, one of the team and have great job satisfaction every day.

If you’d like our support, or need some help getting to where you want to be then get in touch today.  You can complete an online referral form, give us a ring on 0191 217 3206 or drop us an email at enquiries@motw.org.uk

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