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New beginnings with MOTW

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We helped one participant overcome employment barriers to believe in a better future.

In January 2021 we welcomed a new participant onto the Moving On Tyne & Wear (MOTW) programme.  The participant, who does not wish to be named, had a diagnosis of depression and anxiety and was struggling to overcome their financial worries and their lack of confidence.  By bravely taking action to seek support and join our programme, we were able to pair the participant with one of our Navigators and over the last year a respectful and trusting relationship evolved between them both.

Our Navigator worked closely with the participant to identify their goals so they could gain as much as possible from the programme and receive advice and support tailored to them.

Recognising the financial struggles our participant was facing, and the stress and worry this created, we began by referring them for Financial Capability support.  There they were provided with one-to-one help and advice to assist with their debt and gain valuable insight into how to achieve a more stable financial future.  During 2021 this service was delivered to MOTW participants by Sonia, a Financial Advisor working for one of our charity partners, Oasis Community Housing.  As a result of this support our participant was able to take ownership of their financial concerns in a non-judgmental setting which relieved the pressure and allowed them to focus on their own development.

The participant was then referred onto the Mental Health and Wellbeing programme that is run by The Wellbeing Challenge and available to all MOTW participants.  They attended these workshops for a period of nine weeks and the transformation was amazing!  Their confidence increased, as did their awareness of the importance of their emotional and physical wellbeing and they were able to speak to others going through similar experiences creating a tight-knit community of support and friendship.  They completed the programme with the tools to sustain the improvements they had made and felt emotionally and mentally ready to take the next steps towards employment.

The participant began looking for volunteering opportunities and thanks to the help of one of our charity partners VODA began volunteering at Cedar Wood Trust, assisting with Gardening and Maintenance. By giving up some of their valuable free time they were not only helping others, but the volunteering presented our participant with the opportunity to meet new people, form relationships and further improve their CV.

Throughout their time on programme this participant showed great determination, engagement and commitment.  They continue to volunteer and left MOTW feeling enthusiastic and positive about the future, confident in their ability to search for jobs independently.

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