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Real Story: ‘My Confidence Is Much higher Due to the Support I Have Received’

Neil is celebrating new-found confidence gained from his volunteering role, thanks to Moving On Tyne & Wear!

A bit about Neil

Before joining Moving On Tyne & Wear (MOTW), Neil had already taken part in several projects aimed at providing work experience, but none of these had led to paid employment. Neil was worried that the considerable time he had spent out of work was working against him, as he had been unemployed since leaving college over 10 years ago.

He was also concerned that his dyspraxia, a condition that affects movement and co-ordination, was also putting him at a disadvantage when applying for jobs.

Neil was referred to MOTW by his work coach at Jobcentre Plus.

Next steps

When Neil met his Navigator at MOTW, he explained that he was interested in building on his existing skills in IT, as he gained a GNVQ in college but never had chance to use his skills in a work environment.

Neil’s Navigator suggested that he take part in a local course, where he could refresh his skills and meet new people. Neil’s Navigator accompanied him to the Action Stations Project, where Neil opted to start as basic IT skills course. However, he was quickly transferred to a more advanced IT course, where he was able to further increase his confidence by working with the other students.

Each week, Neil’s Navigator met with him to hear about his progress on the course and discuss ideas for the future, and also supported him with his travel expenses.

Excellent progress

After four weeks, Neil’s course leader contacted his Navigator to discuss how pleased they were with his excellent progress, and offered Neil a position as a Volunteer Mentor on the course, for which he would receive training in using his skills to support others!

Neil was delighted that he had been recognised for his efforts! He said:

‘My Navigator gave me excellent advice and guidance on how to get new skills, and my confidence is much higher due to the support I have received.’

Neil has felt valued in his time on MOTW and appreciates the time, support, and respect given to him, and the opportunity to prove his worth.

He is currently in discussion with his Navigator about starting a college course, to advance his skills in teaching adults.


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