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Real Stories: ‘It Has Changed My Life and Made a Massive Difference’

Before getting involved in Moving On Tyne & Wear (MOTW), Sean was experiencing low mood and had a diagnosis of anxiety and depression. He was using prescription medication to manage these mental health issues, and was on a waiting list for talking therapies.

At times, Sean found it difficult to leave the house or talk to anyone, so he had become quite socially isolated. He was living in a shared house but had little interaction with his housemates, instead choosing to keep to himself, and this increased his feeling of social isolation.

Sean used recreational drugs when he was feeling particularly low, and he began to recognise the negative cycle he was in.

Sean had previously worked in a small furniture-making factory for a number of years; this had been his only employment. He was made redundant and was having difficulty finding work, as he was struggling to identify what type of employment he would like or even what he enjoyed doing anymore.

When he got involved with MOTW, Sean was very was motivated to work with Annie, his Navigator.

Together, they worked on Sean’s CV and signed him up with Your Homes Newcastle, to allow him to bid on appropriate housing. Sean felt encouraged to look at options that would help him to build up his self-esteem and confidence. He joined the Positive Psychology course at Ways to Wellness, and soon started to feel a positive impact on his mental health.

Using the skills he gained from the Positive Psychology course, Sean used his new CV to apply for work. He got an interview for a temporary contract with Royal Mail over the Christmas period, so Annie helped him to review his interview skills and they discussed topics that could come up at interview. Sean was successful at interview and very excited to start work!

Sean said that he felt more confident that he would gain employment again and quicker, and that as soon as the temporary contract was over he would return to job-searching. He said:

‘I found Moving On Tyne & Wear really helpful and I feel better about work. The support I received from Annie and the programme has changed my life and made a massive difference and I now feel able to work again.’

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