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When we ask participants to tell us their feedback and they say this…

“When I joined Moving On Tyne & Wear I was struggling to come to terms with the bereavement of my father.  He was a huge part of my life, and his death spiraled me into a world of alcohol dependency.  I was receiving support from the South Tyneside Adult Recovery Service, and they recommended I get in touch with Moving On Tyne & Wear to help me find work.  And I’m so glad I did!

I came with no high expectations… I didn’t believe anyone could help pull me from the despair I was feeling and doubted I could ever get myself to a place where I would be ready and able to work.  But I wanted to try and was willing to give it a go.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Moving On Tyne & Wear have changed my life.

My Navigator, James has been truly amazing.  Since working with him I have so much more confidence, I believe in myself again.  To have someone on my side, to talk to, to listen, to not judge has been incredible.  We meet up on a regular basis and we go for walks and talk about what direction I want to pursue.  He never tells me what to do, I’m not being forced into a job I have no interest in just to get me into work.  It’s all about me, and my goals, and that has been incredible.

I’m enjoying getting out of the house.  I’m enjoying seeing people again.  I’m making friends, getting involved in my local community and made changes that I feel I can never, and don’t ever want to, go back on.

I feel like a new person, like I’m in charge of my own future and that I’m capable of anything.

I genuinely feel like I’m Moving On Tyne & Wear’s number one fan.  I talk about it all the time!  I recommend it to everyone and would encourage anyone who needs a bit of help finding employment to get in touch.”

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