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“I love my job!”

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A Navigator from our North Tyneside Team talks to us about Jenny*, a young lady referred into Moving On Tyne & Wear programme from her local job centre.

“Jenny’s work coach was concerned that her anxiety and lack of confidence were holding her back.  She was really nervous about taking the extra support, and worried about what that would mean and whether she could cope.  But after our first meeting it was clear we were going to get along really well, and she put her trust in me to help her.

Despite her anxieties Jenny had a clear idea as to what she would love to do.  An apprenticeship into an Administrative role.  It took a lot for her to open up and talk to me about this dream role and I helped her look at all of the available apprenticeships.  I also talked to her about KickStart roles that offered her the same in-depth training and job placements, just for a shorter, and more manageable time.

I met with Jenny on a regular basis, and we worked on her confidence, her interview skills, and techniques to manage her nerves.  Job applications were made, and interviews soon followed but unfortunately, the roles available weren’t right for her and didn’t meet her needs.

An interview is a great opportunity for the interviewee to learn more about the organisation, and sometimes the fit isn’t quite right!  Nobody should take a job they’ve been offered if they don’t believe they would be happy in that position.

Then came a call out of the blue for a KickStart role with YHN

Carolyn!! I’ve got an interview………..and its tomorrow!! I really need some interview clothes

I was straight on the phone to Smart Works:

Helen! Help please! One of my participants has an interview tomorrow – can you help her?

Send her in Carolyn, we’ll get her sorted

And they did. Jenny got a full new outfit complete with handbag and cosmetics for extra confidence. She was given some more interview guidance including Q&A’s to consider and we all had our fingers crossed.

We’d done all we could to put her on the road to success and the following week I got the email I was waiting for to say she’d got the job!! 😊

I was over the moon, and immediately called Smart Works to ask if they could help with expanding her wardrobe.  This part of their service might not be as well known to people, but they support women with outfits once they have gotten the job too!  Alongside a travel permit I organised for her Jenny was sorted until that all important first salary was paid into her account.

She’s now in role and she’s been in touch to say everything is going well and more importantly she’s very happy. She’s learning lots and her confidence is the best it’s ever been!! 😊”

If you, or someone you know could benefit from the friendly, supportive and expert advice of our Navigators then get in touch today.  Call us on 0191 217 3206 or complete our online referral form.

*Name changed to protect our participant’s identity

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