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“I can get a job”

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Read the story behind the ad campaign – how one woman’s outlook was transformed from not believing she could, to knowing that she CAN get a job.

We recently welcomed a participant, who, for the most part of her long career, had worked in sales and management.  To the outside world she had it all, however she’s suffered silently with depression and anxiety for most of her life.  Her mental and physical health declined to the point where she was no longer able to cope and she found herself unemployed for a long time and unsure where to turn.

She accessed support from her GP and the Mental Health Crisis team before finding us, and we have been working with her ever since.  She was always keen to move back into employment, but we knew that the first thing she needed to do was tackle her health issues.  So, we put her in touch with the Wellbeing Challenge who run a Mental Health & Wellbeing course specifically for our participants.

I really enjoyed the [wellbeing challenge] course, it was really helpful, and they were a great bunch of people doing it

The course helped her to take charge of her situation and assess what she wanted to do.  She knew she didn’t want to step back into the world of sales and management, so it seemed obvious to us that her passion for community development was where she should focus her attention.  We helped her to see the range of jobs that were available within the third sector, some she didn’t know existed, and from there we helped her to tailor her CV for a career change.

I definitely feel more confident yes, I can see a lot more jobs that I think would suit me

She has a range of transferrable skills and we encouraged her to volunteer to help boost her confidence even further, build a network of contacts and enhance her job readiness.  She loves the volunteering and has dedicated herself to a variety of projects; it wasn’t long before she was mentally and physically ready to look for employment.  Her outlook has been transformed from not believing she could, to knowing that she CAN find a job that she really wants, and it wasn’t long before she was offered a position!

If you’re unemployed and struggling to move forward, then contact Moving On Tyne & Wear.  Your future can start today, just get in touch and speak to one of the team by calling 0191 217 3206, completing our online referral form, or emailing enquiries@motw.org.uk


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