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Real Stories: Success for the Employer & Employee

Paul from Select NRG

Paul joined Moving On Tyne & Wear (MOTW) in November 2017 after receiving a leaflet from Jobcentre Plus and independently referring. Paul has battled with anxiety and depression for a long time. The stress of interviews and jumping head-first into full-time work was too much. He knew he needed help.

Beginning the journey

Once he joined MOTW, Paul quickly started meeting with his Navigator. After Paul’s confidence grew, he was connected with our Employer Engagement team. Along with his Navigator, the team helped Paul develop his CV and employment skills.

Our Employer Engagement team is dedicated to going out into the community and sourcing work opportunities for our participants, whilst educating employers about how to be more inclusive to health barriers in the workplace. Since the beginning of the programme, we’ve built many links with local employers and helped people access placements, experience, and paid work. Furthermore, we’ve supported businesses to recruit staff for their team.

When the Employer Engagement team met with Paul, they had recently met a local employer – Select NRG Ltd. Taking into account Paul’s goals and the needs of the company, the MOTW team seen a fantastic opportunity emerge.

The company

Select NRG Ltd offer bespoke procurement services to help businesses manage every aspect of their energy needs. Whatever the size of the business, from a small shop to a large multisite business, they help negotiate the most cost-effective energy contracts as well as helping businesses reduce consumption and their carbon footprint. They’re a growing team who are based locally on the Fish Quay in North Shields.

Select NRG’s Managing Director, Jayne, attended a networking event where she met MOTW’s Employer Engagement team. Our team delivered a short presentation about our services and Jayne was immediately interested in getting involved. Her values as a person evolve through the company. She has a passion to give back to the community and believes everyone deserves a chance. She met David, one of the MOTW team, and set up a meeting to discuss opportunities.

After conversations took place about the company’s passion to give back, with an open and ethical approach to employment, this was a perfect match.

David set out to find a participant on the programme who suited Jayne’s requirements. As Select NRG Ltd is a growing organisation, Jayne was more than happy to offer a position, she knew her growing team could offer valuable work experience as well as utilise Paul’s skills to make a positive impact on her business.

The happy staff

Paul joined the Select NRG Ltd team for a work placement in March 2018 and immediately fitted in. His manager saw he was driven, eager, and keen to prove he could do a good job. He was consistently proving himself and taking on additional tasks and it quickly became clear just how useful his skills were to the organisation.

In May 2018, Jayne offered Paul a permanent, paid position as a Corporate Administrator and Paul loves his position within the company.

The arrangement worked perfectly for both Paul and Select NRG Ltd. As a growing company, Select NRG Ltd were happy to increase Paul’s hours whilst the relaxed approach is exactly what Paul needed. Knowing he could start the placement without a formal interview helped Paul manage his anxiety. The open dialogue between Paul and his employer have helped to create an environment where he’s comfortable to say when he’s having a bad day. Jayne is understanding and accommodating with workload and tasks which gives Paul the space to manage his mental health the way he needs to.

Throughout the last 18 months, our Employer Engagement team have stayed in contact with both parties. This helped ensure Paul was happy in his role and the business felt supported.

Congratulations on your role, Paul!

If you’re a business who’s interested in working with MOTW to improve your working practices or find reliable and eager candidates, get in touch.

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