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Gaining Independence

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Ry joined MOTW in March 2019, he had been unemployed for some time and suffered from psychosis, anxiety and depression.

At the start of his time with us, he had a very low opinion of himself and his confidence was at rock bottom.  He knew he wanted to work… he just wasn’t sure how to start the process or what he wanted to do.

As with any participant who joins MOTW, Ry was assigned his own personal Navigator.  Thomas, a Health Pathways Officer, specialises in working with autistic people. He arranged a series of one-to-one sessions in which he worked with Ry to identify key obstacles that were hindering him in his search for employment and then they tackled each issue together, one by one.

Thomas provided expert guidance and support, helping Ry with job applications, mock interviews and interview prep, CV writing and training courses in order to improve his employability.  However, something equally as important was the belief Thomas showed in Ry, the positive encouragement and the quality of time they spent together which dramatically improved Ry’s confidence and self-belief.  They worked together on Ry’s communication skills, addressed his personal barriers and Thomas helped Ry to see the value in himself, recognise his personal qualities and believe in his abilities.

Throughout his time at MOTW, Ry grew in confidence and after over a year of support, guidance and friendship Ry applied for, and was offered, a full-time job as a support worker for Paramount Care.

“Moving On Tyne & Wear utilised a holistic approach when supporting me in the attainment of not only employment, but my independence as well.”

Everyone’s journey with MOTW is different.  Everything is done at a pace that suits the participant and Navigators have a clear idea and understanding of the health barriers that are preventing people from finding employment.  So, they focus on working together, as a team, and help their participants to take realistic and manageable steps towards their goals.

If you would like to learn more about MOTW and how we could help you, or someone you know, move forward then get in touch with us today.  You can call us on 0191 217 3206, email enquiries@motw.org.uk or complete our online referral form.  The service is free and won’t affect any benefits currently being received.

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