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We pride ourselves on our resourcefulness and ability to adapt our service to suit the needs and requirements of our participants.

When John* joined the programme back in November 2019, he didn’t feel comfortable to meet in person or talk on the phone so our weekly appointments with him took place on Facebook messenger, a platform he was familiar with and confident in using.

He was progressing well, and then the coronavirus pandemic hit, and the world was turned upside down for us all.  It was a worrying time however we were so proud of his resilience and he was determined to do something worthwhile in lockdown, so we found him some online training courses which kept him engaged, busy and continuously learning throughout 2020.

John had left school at 13 and felt his lack of knowledge and qualifications were hindering his ability to move forward.  His Navigator, Tom, contacted Autism Able and discussed what English and Maths courses they had available.  Once we were out of lockdown John was invited to an initial meeting, where he could look around the facilities and have an assessment to determine what the best courses would be for him.  His father drove him to this initial meeting as John wasn’t comfortable or confident enough to be able to travel on his own, and once we knew he would be attending courses there we worked with his father to come up with suitable travel arrangements to support his employment journey.

Between his father and his Navigator, John was accompanied as he walked from his home to the nearest Metro station, boarded the train and then walked to the facility.  After a couple of attempts John managed to get a metro on his own, meeting Tom at the metro station.  This was a huge achievement, and now, a few months later, he feels able to travel independently for the first time in about 8 years!

Not only is John flourishing on his course, but he’s also managed to have his first phone call with his Navigator since he started on the programme.  He’s feeling positive about the future and where his newfound confidence and self-belief can take him.  We’re so proud of where he’s at now, and we’re looking forward to watching him progress even further in the months ahead.

If, like John, you need someone to help you navigate towards a brighter future then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Call us on 0191 217 3206, email enquiries@motw.org.uk or complete our online referral form.


*Name changed to protect our participants identity

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