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Real Stories: ‘It Has Dragged Me Back From The Brink’

Jeff joined Moving On Tyne & Wear (MOTW) after being unemployed for a couple of years. He worked as a Computer Programmer in previous years but left his job to care for his elderly parents.

Being a full-time carer, coupled with other mounting personal pressures, had an impact on Jeff’s mental health. He soon found himself living a more isolated lifestyle, feeling like he was unable to find a way back into work.

Joining MOTW

Jeff came across our poster in a doctor’s waiting room and decided to refer himself. Coupled with depression and anxiety, Jeff had been managing his diabetes for over 30 years. His diabetes resulted in the loss of the lower part of his leg. All of these factors impact the types of jobs Jeff is able to do.

When Jeff met his Navigator, Steve, the objective was to stabilise his circumstances and health, build confidence, and move closer to work.

Jeff’s time on the programme involved a variety of activities.

He joined a weekly drop-in session for our participants where he had the opportunity to socialise with a group of people in a similar situation to his own. This group enjoy weekly activities which range from socialising to a job search and interview skills club. Jeff said, “I liked getting to join in with a group. It helps you know you’re not on your own.”

Although Jeff had a background in IT, he felt like his skills needed to be refreshed. The industry changes really quickly – Jeff was keen to get a qualification to develop confidence in his own abilities. Steve helped Jeff find an IT course and supported him while he completed it.

Getting back into work

Jeff’s Navigator could see his confidence building every week. As Jeff was now ready to start thinking about job options, he was put in touch with our Employer Engagement team. After learning about his interests and background in IT, the Employer Engagement team helped David secure a one-month placement at Proctor & Gamble. This was a huge help for Jeff. It built up his confidence and helped him take big steps in the right direction.

After the placement finished, David landed a part-time job at Proctor & Gamble! After a few months with MOTW, Jeff was able to achieve his goals and find a job. Throughout his time with us, he worked closely with his Navigator whilst tapping into other resources. However, Jeff’s progress was ultimately down to his own determination to improve his life.

Jeff states, “It [MOTW] has dragged me back from the brink. I was depressed. I wasn’t able to apply for jobs. This has filled in the gaps, confidence and skills-wise.

*The photograph in this post is a stock photograph and not Jeff*

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