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Achieving the inevitable, not the impossible

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Edward joined Moving On Tyne & Wear having never had a proper job, thinking he never would.  But we didn’t agree…

Edward graduated from University in 2018 and had been actively volunteering ever since, but he was finding it difficult to find employment.  His confidence suffered as a result and when he joined our programme, he had a really low opinion of himself and thought it would be impossible for him to find a job.

Edward is autistic and has Tourette’s syndrome, and assumed that these were the reasons he wasn’t finding employment and couldn’t move on with his life.  We saw things differently and as with every participant who joins Moving On Tyne & Wear we started by building up his confidence and self-worth.  This involved signposting him to different charitable organisations and courses that focused on improving his mental health and helping him recognise his strengths.

Once he was ready, we worked with Edward on his CV and his personal statements, and our Employer Engagement Team helped him prepare for interviews – something he was worried and concerned about – by inviting him to mock interviews.  As a team we encouraged and supported Edward the whole way, and his confidence grew as a result, he could see we believed in him and he started to believe in himself too!

In March 2020 the coronavirus pandemic meant the job searching took a back seat as many recruitment opportunities were withdrawn, however we didn’t want this to stop Edwards progress.  We kept in regular contact and focused on his mental well-being and his commitment to his end goal of finding sustainable employment kept him going.  It wasn’t long before he was able to apply for positions again and then we got the news we all knew would come one day – Edward was offered a full-time job!

“I’d like to say how helpful this programme has been, how much of an encouragement it has been to have someone external to motivate and guide me in finding work, and how thankful I am to the organisation and particularly you, Thomas, for everything I have achieved.  I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for you.”

Edward is currently completing pre-work training before starting his first proper job as a lab assistant for the NHS, and we’re so pleased and proud to have played a part in his journey.

If you, or someone you know, would like our help then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Our Navigators are exceptional, and provide personable, friendly and life changing one-to-one support to help people to reach their employment related goals.


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