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A Day in the Life – Victoria Johnson, Navigator

Infographic of Victoria's day featuring coffee, research, filing and conversations

My morning starts the same every day – strong coffee and checking my emails.

“I have a couple of queries to reply to, some responses from previous emails sent and some MOTW Programme wide emails to read.  I then look to see if any new referrals have come through to the team.  One part of my role is to go through all the new referrals and discuss with them what the programme has to offer.  Today there are a couple, so I make initial contact, and everyone seems keen to get started which is great.  I chat through what evidence I need to collect from them to get them signed up, and for this period of their journey with us I’m their main point of contact if they have any queries.  Once they’ve sent through their evidence, I’m able to allocate them to the Navigator who will be looking after them (which can be me!).

It’s now late morning and time to shoot off to meet a new participant of mine and complete the necessary sign-up paperwork.  It’s a great opportunity to get to know them a bit better, find out what their likes and dislikes are, what they’ve done in the past, where they feel they are currently and where they’d like to get to in the future.  We’ve chatted before about their health barriers and how they feel these impact on their daily life and this meeting will help me get a better understanding of their needs to tailor the service specifically to them.

The meeting was great, we had a brilliant conversation and I’m excited to help this person on their journey.

I return to the office and immediately type up my case notes from the appointment and upload these to the file.

I break for lunch and get some time away from the computer, before heading back to my desk and spending the rest of the day doing some research.  I’ve purposely blocked this time out in my diary to allow me to find relevant opportunities for all my participants, and I chat to my colleagues about their experiences and recommendations.  We have a great team, and we’re all happy to help each other out and ensure all South Tyneside participants get the best possible service.  After I’ve found suitable options, I contact my participants to let them know.  This is done in several ways, depending on how my participants prefer to communicate.  Some I’ll email and attach course information and sign-up instructions.  Some I’ll phone, and I’ll talk through the options with them in more detail.  Others I arrange a follow up meeting, where we’ll discuss the opportunities that I’ve found face to face.

It’s a really productive afternoon, and I’ve achieved a lot today.  My participants are happy, and all moving forward on their employment journey.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow as I’m bound to have return emails and voicemail messages as a result of the opportunities and course I’ve found for people.”

Victoria Johnson

It’s a great feeling when you find something for someone that you know will help, and they’re always so relieved and grateful that we can help fund them – it’s one of the best parts of the job.

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