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A Day in the Life – Lisa Leonard, Quality & Performance Manager

Infographic depicting Lisa Leonards Day in the Life featuring her dog Sammy and lots of reports, graphs and coffee

15th October 2021

8.00am – My morning always starts with a coffee whilst I check my diary.  I keep it up to date with meetings, deadlines, and commitments so by spending time each day going through everything I can prioritise my to-do list.  It’s also a great way to get into the right frame of mind for work as it allows me the time and space to think and mentally plan.

9.00am – I’m now logged on and I check my emails where I find a couple related to the A127 Audit.  We’re currently preparing for an Audit from the managing authority and Funders which involves them checking to make sure our participants are eligible for our support and that we have all the required evidence in place.  This would normally be an ‘in person’ Audit where the auditors would visit our head office and we would provide them with the hard copies of the files, however due to Covid it is a remote Audit which involves us collecting all the files and uploading the required information to a secure site.

9.15am – I open the four reports that need to be sent out today and begin proof reading and making corrections.  Once a month I prepare a series of Operational Performance Reports for our lead partner Mental Health Concern and our delivery partners.  This involves collating all current data and using it to identify areas where we are doing well, and any potential areas of concern.  I aim to have the reports completed and distributed by the end of the second week of the month, and earlier this week I spent time working through the data needed and collating the information into a spreadsheet which I then use to create a series of charts.  These charts form the basis of the reports as they’re visual and easy to understand.  Today I want to double check all the content to make sure everything has been reported correctly.  My husband pops into my office with a filter coffee and the excellent news that he’s put the coffee pot on, it smells amazing, and I know it will be needed today!

10.30am – I’ve finished reading and making changes to first reports and once it’s saved it’s time for another coffee (with a pot on the go it would be rude not too!) whilst I check through my emails.

Whilst my emails are always on, when I’m concentrating on reports I make sure my computer is on silent and emails shut down so I don’t get distracted.

This ‘catch up’ time is vital as it means I keep on top of requests coming in and information being circulated.

10.45am – I spend time addressing some emails that need my attention.  One of which is from our MIS developers (MIS is our Management Information System, where our Navigators update all activities for their participants and where I run my data for reports from).  I need to prepare a specific report for the Programme Manager for procurement purposes, and this email from the developers was providing me with the information on how to run the data.  I had planned to complete this work on Monday, but the instructions are really straight forward so I run it now instead.

11.00am – The next task is to run some data extracts for our partners.  They go out once a month along with the reports.  These data extracts need to remain anonymous, yet it’s important it still provides the information needed and this month I also need to combine this with a similar report for the programme evaluators… so it’s complicated and time consuming and before long it’s lunch time!

12.30pm – Time to break for lunch.

I take 30 minutes away from my desk and yet another prime delivery arrives, so I chat to the driver (who I am practically on first name terms with) before heading back in for another coffee and something to eat.

1.00pm – Back to work and a quick check of my emails before I turn my attention to finalising the remaining two reports for the month.  I need to get my head down and concentrate 😊

1.30pm – A welcome distraction as our dog walker comes to the door.  Our dog Sammy gets very excited as he knows what’s coming – he loves his pack adventures with his friends!  He’s been looking out the window most of the day and is now running round in circles and flying up and down the stairs!! The weather is dry today but it has been raining so I’m hoping he doesn’t come back soaking wet and dirty again… The dog walker makes no promises…

2.45pm – Another report finished, I’m on a roll today, three out of four completed!  Time for a coffee top up and a walk to stretch my legs and get away from the screen.

3.00pm – I hear Sammy crying outside, he never wants to come home after a pack adventure (I promise we are good owners) so I nip outside to the gate and prize him away from his dog walkers’ arms.  Thankfully he’s dry today so I’m able to get back to my desk and he soon settles down for a well earned sleep, dreaming about his adventures as he lies next to me.

3.10pm – Time to finish my final report.  This takes slightly longer than expected and once I have finished I do one final check of the 4 reports I have completed today.  They all need to be emailed out to the relevant audience which is the next task.

Lisa Leonard and Sammy the dog

Lisa Leonard and her dog Sammy

5.30pm – One final check of my emails, and I’m pleased that there is nothing there that can not wait until my next working day.  I update my diary, make a To-Do list, tidy my desk and log off.  It’s been a busy and productive day but I’m ready for the weekend now and looking forward to spending time with my family.

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