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A Day in the Life – Jess Mundy, Programme Support Officer

Infographic depicting Jess Mundy's Day in the Life featuring reports, charity, yoga, org charts and emails

Since we started working from home and I no longer have to commute to the office every day, I try to start the day with some kind of exercise.  This could be going to the gym or meeting a friend for a take-away coffee and a walk.  However, the dark cold mornings make it more difficult to leave the house early, so today I start the day with some yoga in the house.

By 8:45am I’m ready to log on.  The first 15 minutes of my day I spend looking over my diary, so I know what meetings I have that day.  I’ll check and respond to emails and TEAMs messages, make a To-Do list, and prioritise my tasks for the day.

At 9am it’s time to tackle my first task – collate and update actions from the Programme Catch Up Meeting that was held last week.  This is a monthly meeting where the Programme Management Team get together with the Seniors Navigators and Team Leaders to discuss programme updates, performance, finance and marketing.  I record all actions and circulate these after the meeting, so everyone is aware of the tasks they need to complete before we meet the following month.

It’s 9:30am and time for the next task – Participant Paperwork Audits (Annex Ls).  Some of our teams have Compliance and Admin Officer vacancies, so whilst they work on recruiting into these roles and training their new staff, I’m supporting them by completing audits of their participant paperwork.  We need to audit the start paperwork for every single participant before we can report them as fully enrolled on the programme, so it’s an important and time sensitive task.  As I’m supporting a few teams at the moment I try to fit these in wherever I can.

After I’ve completed each file audit, I send feedback to the relevant member of staff to let them know of any updates or changes needed, or to let them know that the paperwork has been accepted.

10:45am and it’s time for the Programme Management Team Meeting.  Once a week we get together to catch up, see what work everyone is focusing on this week, if there’s anything we can support each other with and get any important updates from Nicola (the Programme Manager and our line manager). Today we chatted through some options for our Christmas charity donations – each year instead of doing a secret Santa, we donate the money we would have spent on gifts to a charity and our Marketing Lead has been researching different options for us all to agree on.

The meeting finishes at 12:30 and I break for lunch.  I think it’s important to get away from my screens so I leave my home office and grab something to eat.

I’m back at my desk by 1pm and check my emails and TEAMs messages before getting stuck into my next task of the day.  This afternoon I’m updating some of our documents on MIS (our Management Information System which we use to record our participants journey with us on programme) as a member of staff recently raised an issue around titles – some of our paperwork has ‘Mx’ as a title option but some don’t.  I’m doing a check this afternoon to update any paperwork where this is missing, as we want consistency across the programme but it’s also important to us that the paperwork and options available caters for all of our participants.

At 2pm I move onto the next job of the day, updating staff information.  We’ve had a number of new starters over the past couple of months and I spend time checking all our staffing documents are correct.  I update our Organisational Structure which shows all the teams across the programme and complete the new contact list with our new staff members phone numbers and email addresses.  This document is then sent to the Marketing Lead to update the Team Page on our website.  I enjoy this part of my job as I find it useful to know the name and job role of everyone in the programme.  The Org Chart itself is a tricky document to update though, it needs to fit on one page and is often a formatting nightmare to get everyone aligned properly!  But it’s done.

I’m also creating a map that shows each of our charity partners and where they deliver in Tyne and Wear. Moving On Tyne & Wear has 9 partners, some of which employ members of our staff and it can be confusing trying to remember where each of them delivers the programme.

To help new members of staff get their heads around who does what where I thought this would be a nice visual to share and it gives me the chance to do something a bit more creative which I really enjoy.

This task takes me to the end of the day, and after a final quick check of my emails and TEAMs messages to make sure nothing urgent has come through I log off about 4:45pm.

Jess Mundy, MOTW Programme Support Officer

The work I do each day is very varied.  Today has been a lot of admin heavy jobs but tomorrow I could be asked to support the Finance Manager with some tasks or gather feedback from our participants about our programme.  The variety is one of the best bits about my job and I’m able to flex my working pattern to fit the tasks I’m being asked to complete.  I’ll always be ‘at work’ for 8 hours but I’m lucky I’m able to start between 8 and 9:30 depending on what is happening that day.

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