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A Day in the Life – Claire Storey, Finance Manager

Infographic depicting Claire's day featuring her snoring dog, finance spreadhseets, thoughts about yoga and being cold!

It’s the start of 2022 and I’ve just had a lovely Christmas, despite not seeing any of my family owing to Covid!  I’m still working from home and back in my spare room wrapped in blankets catching up on emails. The boiler broke over Christmas, so I have no heating or hot water, but the lights are on and my internet is happy so I’m cracking on.

Claire Storey wrapped in blankets with a hat on inside her cold house

After I’ve read and responded to all emails most of the morning has gone and I’m now ready to get on with some work.  I have a monthly deadline of the 6th to submit the first part of our funding claim to the lottery, so I ping a few emails off to remind people of things I will need to do this, like submitting payslips and timesheets.  The next task is to start downloading the bank statements to check we have posted all the transactions into the Mental Health Concern (MHC) account system, Sage.  There have been quite a few transactions lately, but I’m pleased to see that everything is tallying up.

I’m listening to the radio as I work and they are talking about New Year’s resolutions, I toy with some of their suggestions and one of them, yoga, appeals.  It might happen this year, it didn’t last year.

I receive a couple of emails from our MHC delivery teams with details of their petty cash spends over the last month which I check against the bank statement and start entering all the details into the Sage accounts. I’m somewhat distracted by how cold I am and can’t help but wish someone had got me new slippers this Christmas…

Claire's Dog, Dougie

A member of the MHC Finance team calls me on Teams to chat about payment runs, they are making a few changes to the process and it’s helpful to talk it over. I catch sight of myself on screen and I’m aware that I look somewhat ridiculous all wrapped up in blankets, and as usual I am struggling to make myself heard over the content snores of my dog Dougal (who got an electric blanket for Christmas and is blissfully unaware of the icy weather that’s creeping indoors!)

My meeting ends and the MOTW phone line rings.  The calls to this number go to all members of the Programme Management Team and we take it in turns to answer them and deal with the incoming queries.  This particular call is from someone who would like to know more about the programme to see whether it’s the right thing for them.  We have a nice chat; I like taking these calls as it helps me to remember why I’m doing this work.  After we’ve spoken, they express an interest to join our programme which is great news, so I take some basic contact details and register them over the phone.  It’s inspiring to listen and help someone make a positive change to start their New Year and my mind returns to yoga, perhaps even hot yoga, I’d do that in a heartbeat today, brrrrr.

I stop for a late lunch, where I get away from my screen for up to an hour.  When I get back to my desk, I set about processing some invoices and doing some online banking to top up three petty cash accounts.  Then I turn my attention to salaries, these all need to be checked before I can add them to the funding claim and the task takes up the remainder of the day.

I enjoy the variety of my work, I have always gravitated towards jobs where I feel my time and energy is contributing towards something I care about, and that’s certainly the case with MOTW.

Claire Storey

Claire Storey, MOTW Finance Manager

Dougal has just done a perfect ‘downward dog’ and it’s hard to decide if that’s a sign or him showing off… its definitely a sign of the end of my day as he limbers up for our walk, it’s nice to clear my head of figures and spreadsheets as we head off towards the park.

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