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A Day in the Life – Carolyn Milburn, Marketing & Communications Lead

Infographic of Carolyn's Day featuring the MOTW office, a laptop, cups of tea, creative design and social media

Monday 9th August

8am – Emails.  After a long weekend there is a lot to catch up on!  Including costings and queries regarding an upcoming jobs fair, amendment requests to photos on the MOTW website, saving and checking consent for images submitted as part of our involvement in a community garden scheme, sharing guidance on Facebook profiles and pages, sharing videos, receiving a request for a presentation to a local Job Centre and receiving information on the latest MOTW vacancies that need shared. Today is also my day to manage the enquiries mailbox (the main MOTW email account, where queries and referrals are sent daily).  Today I answered a couple of queries and sent a request to a Navigator about a potential referral.

9:15am – Social Media check.  I scroll through Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to interact/like/share and comment on any relevant posts.  This helps to boost engagement and increase our presence on the sites and is something I try to do periodically throughout the working day.

9:30am – Vacancies.  There is a big recruitment drive on at MOTW, and more vacancies are now live.  I need to upload these to the MOTW website, share them on Social Media and re-schedule further social media promotion before the close date.  Due to the number of vacancies, I schedule social media posts for 7 consecutive days to try and encourage as many people as possible to apply.  I also share these vacancies via TEAMs to all MOTW colleagues, asking them to share with any participants who may be interested.  I also encourage staff to share the vacancies with their own social media networks.

10:45 – Emails.  A quick check of the mailboxes and send off any replies.  Another request has come through for support with creating a presentation, and I’ve heard back from a couple of enquiries I sent off this morning which is good news as it means I can crack on with my actions and get things ticked off the to-do list!  Another quick scroll through Twitter produces a couple of posts to like and share with our network.

11:00 – Leaflet Production.  Last week I was asked to provide some collateral for Link Workers, and so I spend some time creating a new, bespoke leaflet for this audience.  One of the best bits of my job is being creative, and for this task I use Canva.

I’ve created several leaflets for different audiences, but always start from scratch as I find it easier than trying to get the content to ‘fit’ into a leaflet I’ve already made.

I start by researching the audience, learning what they do, who they work with, their values etc so I can tailor the communication to them.  Canva have some blank template designs, and I choose one that I haven’t used before and fits with our and their branding.  Image choice is important here, and one of the most time-consuming elements of the design process can be finding the right image – for this piece I wanted to demonstrate support, versatility, diversity, and friendliness.  The leaflet was produced quite quickly today!  I found some images I loved straight away, and for the content I had written something similar in the past, so I had the bare bones of the text already there.  The leaflet is sent to the Programme Manager for comments and approval.  She’s on annual leave so I won’t be able to finish this until later in the week (it still needs to go to the Lottery for approval before it can be issued anywhere) it will then be sent to the area/contact who requested it and uploaded to the MOTW SharePoint for anyone to download and issue to relevant contacts.

12:30 Time to stop for lunch – I only take 30 minutes but feel it’s important to get away from my desk and my screen.  I travel to the office in this time.

1:00pmAt the office. I need to put some bundles of leaflets/posters together as some of the teams have requested them to hand out within their local community.  I also need to post some leaflets and posters to a Job Centre in Sunderland.

1:30pmBack at home (luckily the office isn’t too far away!) grab a quick cuppa and back to my desk to look through emails and check the social media feed.  On Twitter I see a post about a new radio station in Gateshead so I send a quick introductory email asking about whether MOTW can get some airtime in the form of ads/sponsorship/interview etc.

1:45pm – Presentation amendments.  I have received two requests for presentations, and one has been scheduled for tomorrow, so the task has been bumped up the priority list!  I have a presentation template already which luckily saves a lot of time and means I don’t have to create anything new, merely update it with the latest statistics and double check content for accuracy.

14:15 – MOTW Waiting Room.  I’ve created a new site on the MOTW website for people who are waiting to join MOTW.  We currently have a small waiting list of participants who are eligible for our support, but we don’t have the new Navigators in post to help them yet.  I’m keen to launch this area of the site as soon as possible.  I had a 1:1 with my manager last week and we went through the site together, resulting in several actions, amendments, and updates that I need to work through today.  These include changing one of the image choices due to text alignment, creating a new icon, updating two of the sub sections and making amendments to the questionnaire.

Carolyn Milburn

Carolyn Milburn, Marketing and Communications Lead

15:45 – the last check of emails in both my mailbox and the enquiries mailbox, and a colleague was asking for help on TEAMs, so I was able to support her too.  Quick check of the socials where I was able to send a couple of retweets which helps those I follow boost their reach, and means anyone following MOTW is always seeing us on the platform: 😊

16:00 – finished for the day – tired but happy!

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