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Training & Volunteering Workshop

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The second workshop in our 2021 series focused on Training and Volunteering.

We welcomed Sam Laing from System Group and Hannah Barugh from our charity partner VODA, and they spoke about their services and how they could help our participants.

System Group are one of the leading Transport and Logistics learning specialists in the UK so we were delighted when Sam Laing was able to join us to talk through what they can offer.  He spoke passionately about the programmes on offer and was proud of System Groups goal that ‘everyone leaves in a better place’.

Our participants can benefit from fully funded programmes, saving them thousands of pounds.  It’s a 2-3 month commitment, but with a HGV licence, three useful qualifications that will benefit them in their career within the logistics sector and a guaranteed live interview upon completion of the course it’s a commitment worth taking and almost sounds too good to be true!

It doesn’t stop there, as another great benefit to this already fantastic service, is that any of our participants who may need learners support are still able, and actively encouraged, to sign up.  System Group have experience with a whole spectrum of learners and have supported those who haven’t been able to read or write gain their qualifications and the skills they need to flourish in this sector.  System Group will never turn a learner away because of a learning need, they’ll always help, and these words were welcomed by our Navigators who’s priorities are the wellbeing and needs of their participants.

At the end of the session, everyone was excited at this fantastic opportunity and Sam has already received a referral as a result.  We can’t wait to help more people who are keen to go into this particular profession achieve their dream job and offer this stable and reliable sector as a solution to those who are open to suggestions and possibilities.

The second half of the workshop was hosted by VODA, one of our charity partners.  VODA provide support, advice and training to volunteers and voluntary and community groups within North Tyneside.  They actively requested a slot at one of our workshops so they could talk through the benefits of volunteering, whilst highlighting how they can help all of our participants from across all 5 areas of Tyne & Wear.

Hannah highlighted the employability benefits our participants could enjoy as a result of any volunteering they signed up for; they may need a reference, some work experience or want to try something new before committing via employment.  Teamwork skills, communication skills and confidence skills are all boosted as a result of volunteering and it’s an excellent avenue for our participants to explore whilst they’re on their employment journey.

Our Navigators were told about VODA’s database where over 200 volunteering opportunities are listed, allowing people to browse the roles available and sign up themselves.  Participants can join for as long or as little as they like, participating in projects they’re comfortable with at a pace that suits them.  This is really reassuring to our Navigators who have their participants best interests at heart.  For those not in North Tyneside Hannah was able to signpost our Navigators to services local to them.

As part of their commitment to the MOTW participants VODA run an Introduction to Volunteering session and during the workshop our Navigators were encouraged to send their participants along so they can find out about their rights and responsibilities, what is out there that fits their skills and interests and what can they expect when they volunteer.  The session can really help put people’s minds at ease and encourage them to get involved.

Overall, this was a great workshop, packed full of useful and insightful information for our Navigators.  More are planned throughout the course of the year, so if you, or anyone you know would be interested in coming to speak to MOTW about what you do, how you can help and discuss how we can work together then please get in touch by:

emailing enquiries@motw.org.uk or

calling 0191 217 3206.

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