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Our Urban Garden volunteering begins!

Close up of the Gatekeepers sign on the wall in an urban garden
Close up of some of the plants already established within the urban garden

We previously announced that MOTW participants were given the sole responsibility of maintaining The Gatekeepers Garden, a biodiverse pocket garden project run by The Gate.  We’re delighted to announce that volunteering has now started following a necessary delay as a result of the coronavirus restrictions.

Launched in April 2019, The Gatekeepers Garden, located on Jacobins Chare, is planted with insect and bee friendly plants to encourage bio diversity and is also home to the first bio graffiti wall. A living wall planted with ferns and moss which changes and evolves with the seasons. The garden is open for all to enjoy and provides an area of quiet relaxation.  Through the partnership, our participants will visit the garden every month, helping to maintain the area and plants to ensure they continue to thrive and attract the pollinators that the garden has been designed to attract.

Nicola Barraclough, Programme Manager says:

I am delighted that MOTW has the opportunity to partner with The Gate, to maintain the Gatekeepers Garden. The last 15 months have been difficult for many of our participants, and some have struggled to stay motivated on their employment journey. As we start to move out of lockdown, it’s exciting to be able to offer them the chance to undertake some volunteering in the open air and help them prepare for the world of work again. We’re always looking for ways we can give back to our local community in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, and I’m looking forward to seeing the garden, and our participants, flourish.

Inge Johnson Michell, Centre Manager at The Gate said

It’s wonderful to have the volunteers from Moving On Tyne and Wear here to help look after the garden. The plants have faired quite well during lock down but it will be wonderful to have volunteers here to help ensure the garden continues to do well. We are thrilled to be supporting the work that Moving On Tyne and Wear do and look forward to being part of that journey towards employment

Close up of some strawberries growing in the urban garden

Volunteering is a great way to prepare for work as it allows our participants to gain new skills and experiences, add some structure or routine to their day, become part of their community, develop communication skills and improve their wellbeing and confidence.  We’ll keep you updated with progress, but in the meantime if you’re interested in learning more about volunteering and the opportunities available in your area check out Volunteers Plus.

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