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MOTW Staff Training on the Work Star

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Since 2003 Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise have been working with organisations to develop over 30 Outcome Stars, which are evidence-based tools for both supporting and measuring change.

One of these Stars is the Work Star which has been designed for use with adults out of work or returning to the workplace.  This Star is used by Moving On Tyne & Wear (MOTW) and provides a holistic framework for our staff to refer to when supporting their participants, and a simple way of measuring and evidencing progress.

MOTW’s Programme Support Officer, Jess Mundy, is a licensed Outcome Star trainer, certified by Triangle to provide Outcome Star training to MOTW staff members.  Earlier this year, all MOTW staff were invited to attend Work Star training sessions, for some new staff this was their first induction, for others it was the opportunity to refresh their existing knowledge.  Three workshops were organised and held via TEAMs in April.

The aims of the training

The aims of the training were to provide staff with the knowledge to complete the Work Star collaboratively with their participants; to use the Work Star for effective action planning; to understand the Journey of Change and how participants might be feeling as they progress through their journey towards work; and to know how the Work Star and the data are used within MOTW’s Performance Results.  Through a range of conversations and activities MOTW staff were also able to discuss how they can work together to develop and enhance consistency in their understanding of the Star.

The course was very informative and I especially liked being able to talk with other members about how we perceived certain areas of the Work Star before the training and share some of our collective experiences and how after the training we can put this to good use.

The feedback from these sessions has been really positive, with staff saying they enjoyed being able to discuss example case studies with their colleagues and they found the activity around developing consistency useful to ensure the teams are working in similar ways.

Informative – particularly gave clarity on tipping point. It was good that we got consistency and transparency – this will allow us to take over each others participants when required in a seamless way.

The staff even thought that the sessions worked well remotely, and they weren’t hindered by not being in a classroom environment.

The learning environment that was created was informal and open encouraging and promoting participation from all attendees. Very well planned and executed excellently, thank you.


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