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Moving On Tyne & Wear in 2019: A Year in Summary

2019 has been quite the year for Moving On Tyne & Wear. When we launched this programme in 2017, December 2019 was scheduled to be our end. However, earlier this year, we were able to secure additional funding through the Building Better Opportunities Programme and will now continue until 2021. With our extension in mind, we’re dedicating this blog post to a reflection of everything the participants and staff of MOTW have achieved this year.

Our Performance

Since our launch in mid-2017, we’ve taken 3,767 referrals. Of these, 421 have been Pathways participants. Pathways participants are people who’ve identified themselves as having an additional learning need, autism, or other cognitive need.

1901 of these referrals have started on the programme. This equates to just over 50% of our referrals. There is a multitude of reasons our referrals don’t turn into starts on our programme. These can include disengagement of participants during the sign-up process, a person not meeting our eligibility criteria or other factors.

So far, we’ve helped 376 people have moved into training or education, 214 people have moved into paid employment, and 136 have moved from economically inactive to active job search. These figures really do speak for themselves are a testament to the hard work of individuals on our programme.

Our People

Moving On Tyne & Wear addresses a fundamental gap in provisions for our region. With high unemployment and levels of economic inactivity, it’s no surprise we are continually accepting new people onto our programme.

We currently have over 50 staff working on Moving On Tyne & Wear, including programme support staff, Navigators, Health Pathways Officers, and Job Coaches. Further to this, we are supported by our network of partners who help ensure we are delivering the best support we possibly can. MOTW wouldn’t be what it is without our dedicated staff.

MOTW in the community

We started the year with a widespread transport system campaign, celebrating five stories from participants across the region. Across metros and buses in Tyne and Wear, we shared a snapshot from Rose, Liam, Sarah, Boyd, and Jon. Our goal for the campaign was to spread the word about our programme in order to engage with even more new participants. At the same time, we wanted to pay homage to the successes of people we’d worked with.

This January, be on the lookout for us across metro systems. We’ll be launching a new campaign, with a slightly reworked focus. We can’t wait!

Throughout the year, our teams have been out in the community, helping people understand how to access support and learning about resources available to our participants. We want to say a huge thank you to the services and organisations from across the region who have worked in collaboration with us through 2019.


During 2019, we’ve also hosted two Newcastle Employability Days. In collaboration with Skills Hub Newcastle, these days have played host to employment-related workshops for job seekers. They were supported by businesses and services who offered their time for free to host workshops and activities for local attendees. The first Newcastle Employability Day was inspired by ERSA’s #empday19 campaign. It was such a success in our city, we decided to run a second date later in the year!

We can’t reflect on 2019 without acknowledging the hard work of our Employer Engagement team. The staff on this team build relationships with employers of all sizes to help nurture opportunities for participants on our programme. They also work directly with people on our programme to help people learn pre-employment skills. One of the most popular activities this year have been mock interviews. These give our participants the opportunity to build confidence and learn how to prepare for a job interview.

Earlier this year, the team hosted a networking business for a small cohort of employers. It was a pleasure bringing everyone together and encouraging positive discussion about employer perspectives towards hiring people with health issues.

What does the future hold?

Moving On Tyne & Wear will continue for another 18 months. In that time, we will continue delivering support to people across Tyne and Wear. We’re continually looking ahead and looking forward to what the future may hold.

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