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Moving On Tyne & Wear

NEST: New Enterprise Skills Trade

NEST is Moving On Tyne & Wear’s social enterprise project, built by participants from our programme. Based on learning and sharing enterprise skills, this project accepts anyone in our programme who is interested in pursuing self-employment and enterprise routes.


Logo for NEST - New Enterprise Skills Trade


How does NEST work?

NEST will run regular sessions to help participants learn new skills, be that through workshops ran by external trainers or participants within the programme. The workshops will focus on the areas that participants raise interest in. These could be different crafts such as knitting, jewellery making, or practice business skills like marketing or writing business plans.

Participants will have the chance to grow, adapt, and change NEST when they need. The two key benefits of NEST as a social enterprise are:

Using your new and existing skills to trade

Make things during NEST workshops and sell them to the community. Make money and fuel the growth of the project.

Learn valuable business skills for your own business

NEST can facilitate the needs of the people involved which means participants can learn whatever they need. Meet regularly to decide what you’d like to focus on.

You can find out about the activities taking place in the NEST project here or over on our events calendar:

Remembrance Day 2018

The South Tyneside NEST  group have been meeting regularly and spending time getting creative! For Remembrance Day, they’ve channelled their creativity into poetry and drawing to commemorate fallen soldiers.

Poem and poppies drawing

When you buy a poppy

To honours those who fell

Remember those Soldiers

Still alive and well

The ones who are injured

In body and Mind

Who had to leave

Friends and family behind

A pound for a poppy

That you should wear

To honour these men and women

And show that you care

Hand drawing of soldier

Friday 17th August 10 am – 12 pm at Ocean Road Community Centre 

Initial meeting

This meeting will help participants establish what activities they’d like to take part in across the South Tyneside area. Participants will discuss ideas and set an agenda for the progress of NEST.

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