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Our team

Nicola Barraclough

Programme Manager

Tel: 0191 217 3206

Email nicola.barraclough@motw.org.uk

Claire Storey

Finance Manager

Tel: 0191 217 3206

Email claire.storey@motw.org.uk

Carol Hartley

Claims and Compliance Officer

Tel: 0191 217 3206

Email carol.hartley@motw.org.uk

Jess Mundy

Programme Support Officer

Tel: 0191 217 3206

Email jessica.mundy@motw.org.uk

Sarah Halliwell

Senior Navigator (North Tyneside)

Tel: 07808328915

Email sarah.halliwell@motw.org.uk

Rachel Brown

Navigator (North Tyneside)

Tel: 07808328906

Email rachel.brown@motw.org.uk

Jacqueline Peters

Navigator (North Tyneside)

Tel: 07784367416

Email jacqueline.peters@motw.org.uk

Jess Baker

Navigator (North Tyneside)

Tel: 07710093151

Email jess.baker@motw.org.uk

Derek Francis

Senior Navigator (Newcastle)

Tel: 07921697725

Email derek.francis@motw.org.uk

Darren Tate

Navigator (Newcastle)

Tel: 07703807267

Email darren.tate@motw.org.uk

Rachel Meenan picture

Rachel Meenan

Navigator (Newcastle)

Tel: 07808328903

Email rachel.meenan@motw.org.uk

Amy Milne

Navigator (Newcastle)

Tel: 07921697727

Email amy.milne@motw.org.uk

Katrina Peco

Administrator (Newcastle & North Tyneside)

Tel: 0191 338 7091

Email katrina.peco@motw.org.uk

Graham Hodgson

Compliance and Admin Officer (Newcastle & North Tyneside)

Tel: 0191 9179981

Email graham.hodgson@motw.org.uk

Gail Brook

Senior Navigator (South Tyneside)

Tel: 07522 237325

Email gail.brook@motw.org.uk

James Pepper

Navigator (South Tyneside)

Tel: 07702917019

Email james.pepper@motw.org.uk

Julie Wilson

Navigator (South Tyneside)

Tel: 07494533139

Email julie.wilson@motw.org.uk

Victoria Johnson

Compliance & Admin Officer


Email victoria.johnson@motw.org.uk

Jane Smith

Senior Navigator (Gateshead)

Tel: 07885464848

Email jane.smith@motw.org.uk

Holly Armstrong

Navigator (Gateshead)

Tel: 07811974373

Email holly.armstrong@motw.org.uk

Helen Hunter

Navigator (Gateshead)

Tel: 07791 349242

Email helen.hunter@motw.org.uk

Steven Tyler

Navigator (Gateshead)

Tel: 07701335844

Email steven.tyler@motw.org.uk

Lynne Miller

Compliance & Admin Officer

Tel: 07525 590017

Email lynne.miller@motw.org.uk

Jason Sheriff

Senior Navigator (Sunderland)

Tel: 07812992191

Email jason.sheriff@motw.org.uk

Mandy Allcock

Navigator (Sunderland)

Tel: 07712526043

Email mandy.allcock@motw.org.uk

Amanda Thompson

Navigator (Sunderland)

Tel: 07712526044

Email amanda.thompson@motw.org.uk

Emma Lewin

MIS and Compliance Officer (Sunderland)

Tel: 0191 537 3231

Email emma.lewin@motw.org.uk

Tyne Doyle


Tel: 0191 537 3231

Email tyne.doyle@motw.org.uk

David Gillin

Employer Engagement Officer

Tel: 07814234485

Email david.gillin@motw.org.uk

David Stanton

Pathways Employer Engagement Officer

Tel: 07833623441

Email David.Stanton@ne-as.org.uk

Cailin Grant

Health Pathways Officer (Newcastle)

Tel: 07712526045

Email cailin.grant@motw.org.uk

Kayle Hope

Job Coach (Newcastle)

Tel: 07585451829

Email kayle.hope@motw.org.uk

Tom Arthurs

Health Pathways Officer (North Tyneside)


Email tom.arthurs@motw.otg.uk

Michael Knaggs

Job Coach (North Tyneside)

Tel: 07712659427

Email michael.knaggs@motw.org.uk

Devon Hewson

Health Pathway Officer (Sunderland)

Tel: 07553360428

Email devon.hewson@motw.org.uk

Ben Stewart

Job Coach (Sunderland)


Email ben.stewart@motw.org.uk

Thomas Dawson

Health Pathways Officer (Gateshead & South Tyneside)


Email thomas.dawson@motw.org.uk

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