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Moving On Tyne & Wear

Peer Support Project (Newcastle)

This project was one of Moving On Tyne & Wear’s original Innovation Projects. It has now come to a natural end. 

The toolkit produced as part of this Peer Support and Social Prescribing project can be downloaded here: Peer Support Toolkit – zipped file of all documents

About the Peer Support Project

This three-year innovation project was delivered as part of Moving On Tyne & Wear (MOTW) and was open to anyone who is supported by MOTW in the Newcastle area.

How we will work together

The Peer Support Project was supported by Mental Health Concern, Ways to Wellness, and Newcastle United Foundation.

In our organisations, we all have experience of the benefits of peer support. What the final toolkit looked like and how we produced it was shaped by the people taking part. The most important part of this project was the participants’ involvement. Each person’s involvement was completely bespoke and based on their own goals.

What we offered

In year one, we gathered ideas which we used to produce a peer support toolkit.

We thought about the ways in which peer support could be used by other organisations, and about the training and ongoing support people in a peer support role would need.

In year two, we tested out the toolkit by training people to become peer mentors.

In year three, we refined the toolkit and promoted its use with organisations outside of MOTW.

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