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External Evaluation

We’re thrilled to share the results of our external evaluation, which Ecorys concluded in December 2019.MOTW In Numbers External Evaluation Infographic

Download the full report here: Moving On Tyne & Wear Evaluation Report.pdf

Evaluation Background

Ecorys are a leading international research and consultancy company addressing society’s key challenges.

Moving On Tyne & Wear procured Ecorys’ services in 2018 to provide an independent and objective assessment of programme performance and impact. As well as giving us access to specialist research and evaluation skills, this would provide independent and credible feedback on performance, effectiveness and impact, highlighting additional learning and opportunities for improvement.

Since May 2018, Ecorys has been working with MOTW using a range of approaches to evaluate the programme. These included a before and after survey of 269 programme participants, case study visits to each of the delivery areas. Researchers also carried out interviews with delivery partner staff, managers, other stakeholders and participants themselves. They also undertook an economic assessment of the programme, weighing up the costs of delivery against the value of the benefits it has generated. In December 2019, the findings from each of the research strands were pulled together to create a final evaluation report.

Participant Quote: "I’ve had friends and family members and partner say that I’m like a different person to the one I was a year ago. It’s true – I don’t feel like the same person anymore… it wasn’t even on my radar that I could do something like this, that I could be an entrepreneur… it just wasn’t even a possibility… the acceptance has made it easier to be me. I’m just forever grateful that I wasn’t just pigeon-holed back into something else."

Ecorys produced a full evaluation report and info-graphic, both of which are linked above. Alternatively, you can read the external evaluation summary report.

If you would like any further information regarding the External Evaluation, contact the MOTW Programme Team.


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